Have A Nerf War

Nerf wars are a popular activity for children and adults. Nerf guns are plastic, spring-loaded weapons which fire foam darts at either a target or an opposing team. The premise is similar to paintball wars. A flag is placed in each camp and the team which captures the flag of the opposing side wins the “war.” Other types of Nerf wars are based on one-on-one combat.


1. Find a suitable space to conduct your Nerf war. Forests are often chosen because of the amount of natural “cover” that the trees provide for hiding. Fields are also good, but any other open space will suffice if Nerf wars are not prohibited there.

2. Gather your team. You may already have enough people for two teams. If not, you can advertise for other teams to participate on Nerf forums or in the local papers.

3. Decide on a start time and end time for the war. End times are optional but some wars can be decided by the team which captures or “kills” the most opponents in a certain time. If you decide to compete until one team completely “kills” the other team, it can take a while.

4. Choose two players as “Captains” or “Generals” of each team. The Captains can then either choose members to have on their team, or pick names at random. Each team should wear different-colored vests or jackets so that opponents do not capture their own members by mistake.

5. Set up camp. Each team should have a base camp from which to direct operations and keep their flag. The camps should, if possible, be hidden from the opposing team and placed at a “secret” location.

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6. Begin the Nerf war at the designated time by using a klaxon or whistle to alert all members that the war has begun. If you have radios or cell phones, they can also be used.

7. Plan your strategy for how you will “kill” or capture opposing team members and obtain their flag. If you do not use flags you can always capture their base camp instead.