Have Fast Paintball Fingers

A couple rubber bands can help increase your trigger speed in paintball.

You have purchased the best high-velocity paintball gun, performed exercises to increase your running speed and stamina, and worked your muscles so you can easily crouch and run, all elements that make your paintball game more effective. Perhaps you have even modified your gun by changing the trigger or adding a ball bearing for smoother shooting. If your game still suffers because other players simply shoot faster than you, you can try some exercises to strengthen your fingers and increase your shooting speed.


1. Place one rubber band on your index finger and the other on your middle finger on your right hand.

2. Put the other side of the band around your index finger around the index finger of your left hand and the other side of the band around your middle finger around the middle finger of your left hand. In other words, both index fingers are inside one band and both middle fingers are inside the other.

3. Move your hands to mimic the position you use when holding your gun. If you are right-handed, put your right hand closer to your body. Pull your hands far enough apart that you feel tension in the rubber bands.

4. Mimic squeezing the trigger by pulling toward your body with your trigger finger and then your middle finger. You should feel the pressure from the rubber band. If you do not feel resistance, put your hands farther apart. Pull the rubber band as quickly as you can alternating your fingers for 30 seconds. Rest your fingers for a minute and then repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times daily to build finger strength and speed.

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