Hide Behind Proxies

You can easily hide behind proxies when bypassing Internet filters

Proxies are websites that will help you bypass any type of Internet filtering software being administered by the network administrator at your workplace, educational institution or at public places like libraries. In order to hide behind proxies, you must use a proxy website that offers anonymity, which means that when you browse the Internet to access any blocked websites, the proxy will keep your IP address hidden and your privacy secure. Fortunately, there are various anonymous proxies available online that will allow you to hide behind them when you use their service.


1. Hide behind the Anonymouse proxy site (see Resources). This fast, free and user friendly anonymous proxy delivers a service that leaves no trace of your browsing activities, keeping your personal information undisclosed, private and secure. To access any restricted site with Anonymouse, simply type the URL of the site you want to visit in the text box below where it says “Enter website address:” and click the “Surf anonymously” tab.

2. Use the Zend2 anonymous proxy to hide your browsing activities with the security that your personal information such as your IP address is being concealed (see Resources). This free-to-use service opens the world wide web by using a mirrored server which acts as an intermediary between you and any restricted website you visit. Popular sites you may access with Zend2 include Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Accessing websites with this proxy requires you to type the URL you want to view in the text box where it says “Enter URL:” and click the “Go!!” tab to be redirected.

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3. Hide behind the Hide My Game proxy (see Resources). This proxy server is a widely known site that receives more than 100,000 visitors per day needing to bypass Internet filtering settings. With Hide My Game you are secure because when you browse through its server, Hide My game obstructs and encodes your IP address, which ultimately makes it untraceable. To use this proxy, type the website address of the page you want to visit in the text field displayed next to where it says “URL to Hide” and then click the “Go” tab to gain access to the otherwise restricted site.