Homemade Air Soft Course

Homemade Air Soft Course

Air soft courses should be set up in an area where the airsoft bullets can pile up and be left on the floor or ground, as they are difficult to clean up once fired. These homemade airsoft courses are usually best built in the woods where you can have different levels to crouch, dive and shoot from or in a room or warehouse where barriers can be set up and bullets can be collected later.

In Woods

By building your homemade air soft course in the woods, you can create a number of unique barriers for you to practice your airsoft skills. Dig ditches that can act as trenches. Hang targets from trees that you must shoot before you can advance to the next section. Pile sticks or rocks you must climb over to make things more difficult. Leave large pieces of debris against trees, which you must shoot your airsoft bullets into. Just try to pick up the stray airsoft bullets that end up on the ground, as they are not biodegradable.

In Warehouse

If you have access to an empty warehouse, an airsoft course can be built out of objects present within it. Take piles of rubber tires and create barriers from opponents airsoft bullets. Shooting targets through hanging tires is also a good test of your marksmanship skills. Trashcans can be brought in to create other barriers, and ladders can be set up for you to climb up on and snipe targets from the top. The best thing about having a homemade airsoft course within a warehouse or closed area is that you can sweep up the airsoft bullets once they have been fired and reuse them or dispose of them properly.

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Safety on Course

Always wear eye protection, regardless of if you are shooting airsoft guns with opponents coming the other way. These little pieces of plastic travel fast enough to take your eyes out and even a ricochet can do it if you are on your course doing simple target practice. Wear padding on the course when you are playing against opponents to protect you skin from the plastic bullets. Be sure to hammer down any loose nails and secure any pieces of equipment that you put up on your homemade airsoft course so you don’t injure yourself while playing.