Homemade Airsoft Gun Bases

Homemade Airsoft Gun Bases

Playing airsoft gun games is similar to manhunt, paintball or hide-and-go-seek. Each player is armed with a plastic pellet airsoft gun and hides behind bases for camouflage and to prevent being shot or hit. In most airsoft games, once you are shot, you must sit out of the game. Constructing a sturdy base using household or natural materials is one way to avoid being hit. The idea is to create a base that provides coverage directly around and above while allowing you access to shoot other players while hiding within your base.


You can create bases out of many different materials, such as pieces or planks of wood, tables, cardboard boxes, chairs, plastic or pieces of scrap metal. Even an old couch or chair can create a sturdy base. Look for items that are slightly larger than your body and strong enough to withstand an airsoft gun pellet. As with any “found item,” be sure you ask an adult or the item’s owner permission to use the piece.

Create your bases using tools such as an electric screwdriver, screws, hammer, nails, scissors and a large bit drill. Always wear protective gear such as work gloves and protective eyewear when assembling your base.

Airsoft Bunker

Use a large cardboard box and a few thin planks of wood to create an airsoft bunker that allows you protection and the ability to shoot. Prop a large refrigerator or treadmill box on its side and remove the back of the box so it stands on its own.

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Brace the box by laying one thin plank of wood along the front of the box. Brace the box using two planks of wood propped up inside the box and two planks propped up outside the box. Cut rectangular holes on the side and in front of the box so you can hide behind the box while using the holes to shoot your opponent.

Natural Base

If you are playing airsoft in the woods, use twigs, leaves sticks and wood to create your base. Create a base wall using logs and twigs. Collect enough logs to build a wall high enough to provide coverage while you are kneeling.

Reinforce your base using twigs and leaves. Pile twigs and leaves around your log wall to create a barrier which will provide shelter and camouflage from the enemy. Intertwine the twigs to provide the illusion that the base is naturally occurring and isn’t manmade. Create a roof using tree branches and leafy twigs.