Homemade Blowgun Darts

Using a blow gun is an effective way to kill time, shooting random objects mercilessly. However, what happens after you find or build a blow gun only to realize that you do not have any darts to shoot with; or what happens if you break the darts you have? Homemade blow darts are a great and cheap alternative to store-made darts.

Gathering the Materials

Before you get started on building your homemade blow darts, you need to gather a few items that are easily found around the house. You will need some thick, strong paper, candle wax, a sharp object similar to a nail, some tape and something to light the candle with. Scissors will help, but they are not technically required to build the dart.

Building the Dart

First, fold your paper as if you were making an airplane. Fold one corner of the paper to its opposite side, so that the corner lines up perfectly with the side, and a triangle is formed. There should be no paper uneven with any edge at this point. Once you have done this, rip off the rectangle formed from under the triangle. Wrap this rectangle around your finger in a diagonal fashion, so that a cone is formed. Make sure that the point of the cone is at the tip of your finger, and that the cone widens as it travels towards your palm. Remove your finger, and put a nail in its place, with the sharp end of the nail pointing out of the top of the cone, so that the point of the cone is dart shaped. Now tighten the cone so that it fits into the blow gun. Blow gun sizes vary, so adjust accordingly. When you have achieved the correct dart size, tape around the nail and the point of the cone, so that the nail stays in place. Now light the candle and wait until melted wax forms. Pour the melted wax into the cone, covering whole inside of the dart. This will help secure the nail, keep your paper from getting wet from saliva, and will add weight to help improve the accuracy of your blow gun. Repeat this step for however many darts you desire to make. These darts may break after a while, but they should have a fairly long life.


Do not fire a dart at anything you do not want to damage, as these darts will typically penetrate wood, furniture and occasionally plastic. These will most definitely penetrate flesh, so never fire them at people or animals.