Homemade Laser Sights

Homemade Laser Sights

Airsoft is a popular recreational game that, like paintball, involves teams of players attempting to eliminate the opposition by shooting them with small pellets. Airsoft guns fire tiny plastic BBs, and your accuracy with your gun can increase tremendously by adding a laser sight. A homemade laser sight can be mounted using a laser pointer and some electrical tape.


Placement of the laser pointer is essential in having an effective laser sight. If you mount your sight in an ineffective location, it will not accurately represent where your shots will be going, as it will not be aimed down the sight of your gun. Pistols are the easiest guns to mount a laser to. If you have a silencer, the laser can mount on the bottom of the silencer; if not, you can mount it on the side of the pistol, vertically aligned with the barrel. For larger assault rifles and shotguns, the pointer can be placed atop the gun near the end of the barrel. No matter where your laser sight is placed, make sure it is pointed straight out, in line with the barrel of the gun. Test firing can be performed after it has been mounted.


The simplest way to mount a laser to your gun is with black electrical tape. With the laser in position on the gun, use a strip along the top and a strip on the bottom side of the laser pointer to quickly secure its place. With this tape in place, the pointer will be more stable, allowing for minor adjustments before the final taping. Once you are sure of the alignment, secure the tape in place by using pieces of tape that start on one side of the pointer, cross over it and touch the gun again on the other, with the tape running perpendicular to the direction of the laser.

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Using the Laser

If you simply secure your laser in such a way that it will always be on, you will quickly find that its batteries have died, making a method of turning the laser on and off a must. One way to enable the laser to be on without having to keep a finger on it is to use a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around the gun and pointer, more than once if needed for it to be tight enough to depress the pointer’s button. The band then can be placed over the button when you want the sight on, then slid off to shut the laser off. If you find it difficult to get the rubber band to work, tape the button down permanently, then slightly unscrew the cap of the pointer, breaking the battery’s circuit. To turn the laser on, screw the cap on tight again; to turn it off, unscrew it just enough for the laser to turn off.