Homemade Paint Gun

Paintball trips are fun, but equipment can be expensive.

Playing paintball can be an exciting hobby. Armed with special guns that shoot pellets laden with nontoxic dye, participants try to splatter their opponents while avoiding being hit themselves. Paintball guns tend to be expensive, but you can make your own.


Selecting the right barrel for your paint gun is perhaps the most important step. Match the diameter of the barrel to the paintballs you want to use. It is not a good idea for your barrel to be longer than 16 inches.


Rather than attempting to make your own paintball gun parts, you are probably better off buying them. Paintball gun kits are available, and parts can be bought separately. In this way you can create your own custom gun.


Your homemade paintball gun can include all sorts of modifications. One popular modification is the addition of a rail system. A rail system allows you to add sights or laser targeting to your gun.


Paintball guns were invented in 1974 to help the forestry industry mark trees. In 1981, these guns were first used to play the modern game of paintball.

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