Homemade Paintball Gun Mods

Homemade Paintball Gun Mods

Bolt action paintball guns frequently jam during use because the paintball gets stuck inside of the firing chamber. This makes you unable to play in a paintball game until you have removed the paintball and reloaded a new one into the firing chamber. You can modify, or mod,” the tension of the spring being used in a bolt action paintball gun so that paintballs will no longer get stuck. You will need to partially disassemble the paintball gun, but it will not be damaged in any way by the modification.


1. Remove the magazine clip from the bottom of the paintball gun’s handle. Slide the top of the paintball gun toward you to check that there is no ammo in the firing chamber. Release the top of the paintball gun.

2. Place the paintball gun right side up on a table with the barrel pointing to the right.

3. Remove the screws from the top edge by the tip of the barrel, the middle top edge and the top back edge by the hammer with the Phillips screwdriver.

4. Remove the screw from in front of the hammer with the screwdriver.

5. Remove the screws from around the trigger guard with the screwdriver.

6. Remove the screws from beneath the tip of the barrel with the screwdriver. Remove the screw to the right of the trigger guard with the screwdriver.

7. Remove the screws from the handle grip with the screwdriver. Pull off the cover plate from the paintball gun. Place the cover plate aside.

8. Twist the spring plate that is at the rear of the paintball gun below the hammer to the right. Pull the spring plate rod out of the rear of the paintball gun with your fingers.

9. Remove the spring from the spring plate rod with your fingers.

10. Measure four inches from one end of the spring. Cut the spring at the four inch mark with the metal shears. Dispose of the cut piece of spring.

11. Place the spring that was just cut back onto the spring plate rod. Place the spring purchased at a hardware store or hobby shop over the length of the spring that is on the spring plate rod.

12. Insert the spring plate rod back into the back of the paintball gun. Twist the spring plate rod to the left.

13. Place the cover plate back on the paintball gun. Reattach the screws. Insert the magazine clip into the bottom of the handle.