Homemade Red Dot Sight

A homemade version of a gun sight can be made using items that you can find around the house.

A red dot sight on your gun helps you aim your shots by allowing you to focus your eye on a highly visible mark that you can center on your target. A manufactured red dot sight can be expensive, so why not save yourself the money and make one yourself? You will only need a few very common household materials and a few minutes. You can use the sight on anything from air pistols to paint ball guns in order to improve your shooting efficiency.


1. Cover one end of an empty toilet paper roll with cling film.

2. Wrap a rubber band around the tube to hold the cling film tight against the end of the tube.

3. Draw a tiny red dot with permanent marker in the center of the cling film that is stretched over the opening of the roll.

4. Hold the uncovered end of the roll in front of your eye and look through the plastic. You should be able to tell whether the dot is centered on the cling film. Redo the film and dot if not.

5. Cover the entire body of the tube with tape. Start at the top of the roll where the film is and work down to the opposite end.

6. Wrap a piece of black material around the tube and tape it in place.

7. Attach the sight to your gun with the seam of the material facing down. Use fabric hook-and-loop fasteners or tape.

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