Homemade Tippmann A5 Mods

Standard paintball ammunition ready to be loaded, aimed and fired.

The Tippman A5 is an aluminum, die-cast, semi-automatic paintball gun with a baseline wide mouth hopper and fully enclosed receiver. It is an easily customizable marker; several homemade internal and external modifications can be made to enhance its overall performance.


The 0.68 caliber A5 features a cyclone feed system, shock-absorbing end caps, and can be field-stripped and reassembled in less than a minute. The marker can be modified with flat-line and sniper barrel additions, advanced trigger systems, and pressure and expansion chamber kits.

Internal Modifications

The A5 can be easily modified by using paint remover and steel wool to remove the factory over-spray in the receiver halves to rid of excess drag. Sliding a cotton swap stick inside the trigger spring or placing a trimmed piece of plastic straw on the trigger stop pin helps counter over-stroke. Polishing the barrel with a cloth, cleaning rod and metal polishing solution increases range and improves accuracy.

External Modifications

For camouflaging, apply a base-coat to the A5 and use an airbrush to paint your marker with scenario-specific camouflage. By trimming polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing to encase the barrel, you can add modifiable rails and grip tape without damaging the barrel or internal functioning of the marker. Harnesses can also be made out of belting, roping or nylon material. Filling a ported, plastic cylinder with stainless steel wool or insulation padding and fitting it over the end of a non-ported barrel creates a silencer effect.

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