Hook Up A Paintball Marker To An Air Compressor

Paintball markers can be hooked up to air compressors at home to save on CO2 costs.

Paintball markers are guns that fire pellets of paint through the use of compressed gas. Most paintball markers have compressed carbon dioxide cartridges that propel the pellet from the shaft of the gun toward its target. These CO2 cartridges need to be replaced periodically as the gas loses its compression. Because CO2 can be expensive when used a lot, some serious paintballers prefer to hook their marker up to a home air compressor when taking target practice or shooting on their own. This can drastically cut down the cost of compressed CO2, but you need an extra attachment to connect a compressed air tank to a paintball gun.


1. Attach the large end of the paintball gun filler to the compressed air tank. Turn it clockwise until the filler is screwed on tightly. You may need to unscrew an existing hose attached to the compressed air tank.

2. Attach the small end of the paintball gun filler to the refilling end of your paintball marker. Make sure the marker’s air tank is tightly attached before proceeding to refill it.

3. Open the air compressor’s air valve and fill your paintball marker’s compressed air container. Use the pressure gauge on the tank or the gun filler itself to determine when to stop filling. The exact PSI limit for your paintball marker’s air canister can vary depending on its size and manufacturer. Most canisters have the maximum PSI printed on their exterior.

4. Shut off the air valve on the air compressor and remove the gun filler from the paintball marker and the air compressor. Replace any hoses or plugs that were initially removed.