Hook Up Coil To Paintball Gun

Paintball is a strategic and action-filled game of cat and mouse. Paintball markers and equipment have meshed into the world of technology and evolved into customizable, personalized battle machines with almost endless options. From custom paint jobs to part upgrades, anything imaginable is now possible. One part upgrade that avid players tend to use is the coil extension for their CO2 tank. This allows players to carry their tank wherever they desire versus having to attach it to the back end of the gun.


1. Remove the threaded bottom end of the vertical grip. The air hose that runs from the vertical grip to the rear of the paintball gun can be removed if the user so chooses. It is not a necessary step and the coil hose can still be installed into the gun with the vertical grip hose in place.

2. Wrap the male threaded end of the coil hose with Teflon tape and insert it into the female end of the vertical grip hose. Tighten the fitting on the hose with the appropriate wrench. Paintball guns use different size bolts and fasteners depending on the manufacturer.

3. Attach the CO2 tank to the female end of the coil hose. Be sure to wrap with Teflon tape the threads of the CO2 bottle. The tape will help to seal the threaded areas and prevent air leaks while the tank is under pressure.

4. Insert your CO2 tank wherever you please. The coil hose will allow the air supply to be secured in a jacket or pocket rather than on the back of the gun. This will make the gun easier to use and lighter to carry.

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