Host A Madden Tournament

Host your own Madden tournament with your friends–for bragging rights.

Madden NFL Football was created in 1989 by Electronic Sports Tiburon for EA Sports, and has grown to become one of the most popular sports video games ever made. Madden tournaments started in household basements where kids would play as their favorite teams, and compete against each other for bragging rights. Since then, Madden tournaments have grown as far as a live television game show where contestants compete for cash prizes. Invite your friends to participate in your own live Madden tournament.


1. Set a date for your Madden tournament to take place.

2. Allow each player to choose a team from the 32 NFL teams listed in the game. No two players may use the same team.

3. Decide on the game settings for the tournament. The most common settings consist of four-minute quarters, a skill level of “All Madden,” playbooks as “All Madden,” and overtime rules set to run one overtime quarter. If no one has won within the first overtime, players will play sudden-death quarters in a “Grudge Match”–until someone scores.

4. Before starting each game, flip a coin to determine which of the two contestant’s teams will have home-field advantage.

5. Begin competition between contestants in one-on-one, single-elimination tournament games. The winners of each game compete against each other until there are only two contestants remaining.