How Clean Paintballs Off My Car

Paintballs can be a real hassle to remove from your car if you don’t know what types of cleaner to use.

Whether you were a victim of vandalism or you were just unfortunate enough to park your car too close to the game, paintball splatters on a car can cause some major stress. Many paintballs are oil-based, making them more difficult to remove using water pressure alone. And if you’re unsure of which cleaners are acceptable to use on car paint without damaging it, you’ll lose precious time trying to figure it out while the paint settles in and becomes harder to remove. Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure that the paintball paint gets completely removed from your car easily and without hassle.


1. Add some mild dish soap to a bucket as you fill it with warm water.

2. Dip a cleaning pad, such as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, into the mixture and firmly swipe it across the paint splatter. Rinse all traces of paint from the cleaning pad immediately to avoid spreading the oily residue around. Continue removing the paint, remembering to rinse the pad every time.

3. Use a petroleum-based water displacing spray, such as WD-40, on paint splatters that have been left to sit on your car for longer periods of time, or that don’t get completely removed from the soap mixture.

4. Buff the area dry immediately using a terrycloth towel or some other soft material that won’t damage your car’s paint.