How Make My Paintball Gun Trigger Quicker

A faster trigger can mean a victory in a paintball game.

There are several ways to increase the speed of a trigger on your paintball gun, like double-finger triggers and response trigger kits, but the best modification to use on a paintball gun is the Rampage Board. The Rampage Board is an electronic, reprogrammable circuit board that fits into the pistol grip of your paintball gun. It has eight settings: semi, burst, reactive, full auto, ramping, PSP3, NXL and millennium. The Rampage Board also is battery-powered and will go into sleep mode when your are not pulling the trigger to conserve energy.


1. Lay down a blanket on a table to protect the surface of the table from the oil and grease inside the paintball gun. Lay the paintball gun on top of the blanket, then lay your Allen wrenches and metal file on the towel.

2. Remove the tape and bubble wrap from the Rampage Board.

3. Use the Allen wrench to remove the hex bolts from the paintball gun, stripping it down to the metal skeleton of the paintball gun. Remove the metal grip piece from the barrel. Place the hex bolts aside.

4. Slide the stock board out of the middle of the grip. Remove the two plastic sides from the stock board.

5. File off all the extra plastic bits from the plastic side pieces that will hold the Rampage Board.

6. File down any area of the grip that will block the trigger sensor, which lies right behind where the trigger will be.

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7. Place the plastic sides around the Rampage Board. If the Rampage Board is too loose, remove the plastic sides and apply electrical tape into the plastic side pieces. Slide the plastic side pieces onto the Rampage Board again.

8. Slide the Rampage Board with the plastic slides into the place where the stock board was–make sure it is flush before you continue.

9. Attach the 9V battery to the 9V battery input and put the battery into the grip just below the Rampage Board.

10. Re-assemble your paintball gun according to your specific gun’s instructions.