How Old Do You Have To Be To Purchase An Air Soft Gun

Airsoft and paintball guns may have different legal status

Laws concerning Airsoft guns vary between states; in some cities, they’re banned outright. Paintball guns are subject to different federal laws. At least one state, Illinois, treats both kinds of gun as “air rifles” or “air-guns.”

National Law

Air-rifle sports can be dangerous. Wear eye protection at all times.

Federal law prohibits the sale of Airsoft guns to anyone under 18. There are no federal age restrictions on the use or possession of Airsoft guns, but local laws may apply. Sale, use, and possession of paintball guns is unrestricted under federal law.

Local Law

Airsoft guns are illegal in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C. You must be 13 or older to buy a paintball gun in Illinois, and 18 or older in Delaware and New Hampshire. There may be additional city or county restrictions on paintball and Airsoft guns; check your local laws.


If questioned by police, immediately let them know if you have an air-gun

Many states and municipalities have restrictions on the transport, possession, sale and use of Airsoft guns. These restrictions may or may not apply to paintball guns as well. See Resources for details on finding local laws.

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