Hunt With Laser Sights

Just light any other sight, a laser sight needs to be adjusted to ensure it is targeting correctly.

Hunting rifles that are equipped with laser sights give the shooter an advantage over using traditional gun scopes. When installed and in use, a laser sight will give the hunter an instant indication of where he is aiming. Laser sights can be mounted on shotguns, rifle or handguns. Just like any other targeting aid, once you have mounted the laser sight, you need to adjust it to make sure it sights correctly.


1. Set a target at a distance of 100 yards.

2. Turn the laser sight on and place the rifle on a shooting stand or on a sandbag to keep the rifle steady.

3. Aim the rifle so the laser dot is in the middle of the target, and fire a round.

4. Insert an Allen key into the laser sight and slowly turn the nut until the laser dot is lined up where the round entered the target. Your laser sight is now sighted and ready to be used.

5. Load your rifle and collect the items you normally take with you on your hunting excursions. Position yourself, and do not turn the laser sight on until you are ready to take a shot.

6. Turn the laser sight on, aim the rifle, and when the laser dot is in the location you want, take the shot.