Ideas For A 16yearold’S Birthday Party

Luau Party

A luau party and access to a private pool bring a taste of the tropics to a summer birthday party for a 16-year-old. Decorate the pool area in leis, colorful balloons, faux palm trees, seashells, fish bowls, coconuts and pineapples. Play party games such as the limbo, have hula dancing and hula hoop contests, and enjoy time swimming in the pool. Have a pineapple upside-down cake as the sweet 16 birthday cake and non-alcoholic pina coladas for the drinks, complete with umbrellas.

Movie Marathon Slumber Party

A movie marathon slumber party will be a treat for 16-year-old boys or girls. Decorate the party area with movie posters and celebrity posters. If possible, post pictures of favorite celebrities when they were 16. Rent a popcorn machine from a local party supply store and set it up in the area where the movies will be shown. A photo 16th-birthday cake with your teen’s favorite actor or actress can be ordered from a local bakery. Serve sliced fruits or vegetables with plenty of dipping sauce. Clear the area of all furniture except the equipment to run and view the movies to allow plenty of room for the teens to lay out sleeping bags. Pre-rent movies for the night that star your teen‘s favorite actor or actress.

Music Party

Music parties are fun to host and to be a part of. Make a play list of your teen’s favorite music. Get the birthday teen to help you pick out which songs to put on the list, but try to include the oldie “Sixteen Candles.” Decorate the party area in music notes (16th notes are particularly appropriate), posters of the music artists and colorful lights. Move furniture out of the main room to give plenty of room to dance. Rent a karaoke machine and let the party guests take turns singing for the group. You can even digitally record everyone singing the karaoke songs and play them back for all to enjoy. This is particularly suited for co-ed 16th-birthday parties.

Mall Party

A mall party is a very simple 16-year-old’s birthday party. All the guests arrive at the mall for a scavenger hunt. The kids will have to find 16 specific items in stores and take a picture of them with their cell phone. They then send the picture back to the party host. You can have the kids work as a group. If the store owners won’t permit a picture to be taken, have the teens write down the store name and price of the item on a notepad, or text the information to the host. Time how long it takes to find everything. The kids don’t have to buy the items. At the end of the party, have the kids meet together to eat at a central location, where you can have cake and presents.

Football Birthday Party

A football 16-year-old’s birthday party is ideal during football season for teen football fans of both genders. Decorate the party area with balloons and crepe paper that are the colors for your teen’s favorite team. Hang posters of favorite team football players, and try to find a jersey with the number 16 on it. Football team key chains make a timely favor for this party, since many of the teens will be excited about their driving permits or licenses. Order or bake a birthday cake in the shape of a football or football helmet. Set up the party to occur during the actual football game.

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