Ideas For A 9th Grade Boy’S Birthday Party

Make your ninth-grader’s birthday special.

If you’re the parent of a ninth-grade boy who is about to have a birthday, you might be stumped as to what kind of birthday party to throw for him. It can be difficult to determine how a young teenage boy would like to celebrate his birthday, but there are many party ideas to choose from that will be fun for both him and his friends. Does this Spark an idea?


Host a sleepover at your home. Allow your son to invite as many of his male friends as you have room for and that you think you can properly supervise. Order pizza and have lots of his favorite snack foods on hand. Let the boys play video games and watch movies all night. They will have a great time hanging out together, doing their favorite activities.


Throw your son a birthday party at a local paintball park, if he’s a fan of the activity. Allow him and his friends to spend the afternoon playing paintball. If the paintball park has a party room, bring pizza and cake for the boys to eat when they’re finished playing. If there isn’t a party room on site, take them to your home or a local restaurant to eat and celebrate your son’s birthday — they’re sure to have worked up an appetite after an afternoon of paintball.


Throw your ninth-grade son a bowling party to celebrate his birthday. Work with your local bowling alley to plan the party; most of them have birthday party packages. Reserve as many lanes as necessary for the number of friends who RSVD’d yes to his party. Bring cake and snack foods for the kids to eat while they’re bowling if refreshments aren’t provided in the party package and outside food is allowed.

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If your son enjoys camping, make this the theme of his birthday party. Gather a few of his closest male friends and take them on an overnight camping trip. Choose your favorite local spot to camp or, if you don’t have anywhere near your home, use your back yard. Allow them to make s’mores over the fire, tell ghost stories and go hiking, and, if there’s a lake nearby, they could even go fishing.