Ideas For A Sixteenth Birthday Party

Ideas for a Sixteenth Birthday Party

A 16th birthday is a milestone for boys and girls. They are almost grown, but they still want to have fun with their friends. You must think of something special and memorable to do for your child’s 16th birthday. The following are a few ideas. Does this Spark an idea?

Sweet 16 Ball

A sweet 16 ball is a glamorous way to celebrate her 16th birthday. You can rent a banquet room or other facility for the location of the dance. Invite all her friends and your family to celebrate her special day. Make the dress formal and ask all your guests to dress appropriately. A formal ball is a timeless way to commemorate a 16th birthday and will provide you and the birthday girl with memories to last a lifetime.

Masquerade Party

A masquerade party is a unique and fun-filled idea for a 16th birthday party. The costumes can be elaborate or simple; either way it will be a fun way to celebrate his 16th birthday. Have the party at a hotel or lodge, or at a community center that rents out banquet rooms. Invite all of his friends to help celebrate this milestone birthday. You can have personalized candy tins on the tables as party favors for your guests.

Hotel Spa Party

A hotel spa party is a luxurious idea for a 16th birthday party. This can be pricey depending on how many guests you invite; this usually works best for only a few friends of the birthday girl. Rent a suite for the night at a luxury hotel that has a spa on the premises. Some hotels have spas that cater to birthday celebrations. The girls will love the pedicures, manicures and facials they can receive at the spa. This party will truly be one she will remember for the rest of her life.

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A paintball party is a great idea for a boy turning 16. If possible, rent out the entire course for the party and invite all his friends. The paintball courses have protective gear for everyone to wear to keep this a safe adventure. After they finish on the paintball course, bring the group to your son’s favorite pizza place where you can finish the celebration with dinner and birthday cake.