Ideas For Birthday Parties For Teenagers In Valparaiso Indiana

Designate video game party areas as no-limits noise zones.

Multiple locations in Valparaiso, IN offer a variety of activities to satiate your teen’s birthday whims and needs. Take your teen’s favorite daily leisure activities into consideration when planning his party. If he loves to spend Saturday afternoon playing video games, for instance, allow that action-packed passion to inform your decision. Go on the computer together to design and print invitations that highlight your selected theme. Avoid paper waste with web sites like Evite and send out online invitations free of charge. Does this Spark an idea?


If you have a teen who loves to play video games in which everybody shoots at everything, setting out for the local paintball field suits your party needs. One popular Valparaiso field worth checking out is Popeye the Mercenary. Prior to heading to the field, remind kids to bring additional clothing to act both as padding against harsh paint ball hits as well as to prevent paint stains. Take at least eight guests total to the field so kids can break into two teams of four and compete against one another. The site provides all equipment, and staff give a safety talk before paintball activity begins. Nighttime game play is also possible.

Gymnastics Party

Head to your local gym and help your teen celebrate her big day while running around socializing with friends and learning new gymnastics moves, positions and skills. At Horizon Gymnastics Center, a trained instructor guides kids through the gym, teaching them use equipment. They learn several competitive moves and are encouraged to try all the activities. The site offers a private play room for food, dessert and gift opening. Bring your own food and decorations, and book reservations in advance.

Everything Sports

Teens who love anything sports-related may jump for a sports themed party. Keep party expenses down by hosting one at your house. If you have a basketball hoop on-site, recruit a relative or neighbor to slip on a black and white jersey in honor of the local college team, the Crusaders, and play referee for the afternoon’s activities. Host a football, soccer or baseball game if no basketball hoop is available. Decorate the backyard in red, white and blue streamers and balloons to symbolize an Americana theme. Serve up a barbecue with ribs and chicken and burgers from Wagner’s Ribs. Stock a snack table with soft pretzels and shelled peanuts to stay in the theme.

Video Game Extravaganza

If your birthday teen loves video games and you own a home gaming system, cut down on expenses by hosting a party in your home. Invite an even number of guests to the event to ensure that kids can pair or team up and compete against one another. Make sure to clear the party room of unnecessary furniture if you are using a system that requires full body movement. Decorate with balloons and streamers in the birthday boy’s favorite color. If going with a military game theme, decorate the room in a camouflage motif and encourage attendees to wear green, tan or camouflage attire. Use green army style helmets, available at party supply stores, for snack bowls by flipping them upside down. Fill helmet bowls with chips, cheese puffs, pretzels and popcorn for all day snacking satisfaction. Order pizza from local favorite Tony’s Place. If the birthday boy wants to head out for the day, instead, take the group to the arcade at Inman’s Recreation Center. The center also has party rooms and bowling, if the mood calls.