Ideas For Corporate Parties

Bowling can be an entertaining corporate party activity.

For corporations, a party can be a way to provide employees with an informal get-together without the pressures of work and deadlines. A corporate party presents an opportunity for your staff to get to know each other in a social setting, which can increase trust and friendliness in the workplace. As you plan an event, consider ways you can make it special for employees and their families. Does this Spark an idea?

Employee Awards Dinner

If your company is large enough, hold an employee awards dinner to celebrate the hard work of your staff. Set up the event in a space away from the office to create a festive atmosphere, and invite each employee to bring a guest. Make the event a formal affair to give your employees a chance to see each other in non-work apparel and to make the evening a formal occasion. Host a dinner, ask high-ranking managers to give short thank-you speeches, and present high-performing employees with awards for their work. By recognizing your staff in public, you will make the awards more meaningful and provide additional motivation. You might also hire a band for dancing, or find a string quartet to play during the cocktail and dinner hours.

Activity Party

Many corporate parties can be stuffy affairs; get employees interested in your event by planning it around an activity. You might rent out a bowling alley, for example, or spend the day at a local ski hill. If you will be inviting families to the party, hold it at a sports and recreation center where employees and their children can play in the batting cages or on the miniature golf course. For a competitive business, consider holding a paintball competition with a party afterwards to give your staff the chance to let off some steam in a non-professional environment. When possible, choose an activity that is accessible to people of all skill levels to make the event welcoming to the majority of your corporation.

Goal Reward

Motivate employees in your company to work harder to achieve a specific sales goal by promising them a party as a reward. You can schedule a party each time the company increases its sales by a certain percentage, for example, or plan one when you break through a new barrier in performance. Depending on the atmosphere of your office, you might hold the event during work hours to give employees a break from work, or invite everyone out for a celebration in the community. To make the party a viable motivational tool, you will need to plan events or activities that make it worth your employees’ efforts; give them a raffle for an extra vacation day, a free dinner at a swanky restaurant, or a cocktail party with an open bar, for example.