Ideas For Paintball Game Scenarios

Using new paintball scenarios can spice up your games.

Paintball is an adventure sport in which individuals or teams armed with air guns that shoot paint filled ammunition, or “paintballs,” compete by shooting one another in an elimination-style competition. If you get shot, you are out. The popular sport has become quite creative over the years and those who host paintball events use a variety of scenarios to set up the games and keep them interesting. Lining up two teams in a game of straight Capture the Flag doesn’t always cut it anymore. Try these scenario ideas to spice up your paintball experience.


With the rise in popularity in paintball came a wave of new and advanced weapons that truly separated the ability of the players to compete depending on what they could afford. The Blackjack scenario takes the advantage of high-powered weaponry off the table, according to Blackjack is set up to resemble a game of capture the flag. Two teams are divided equally and start at opposite ends of the course at their flag station. The object is for one team to “capture” the flag and return it back to their flag station before the opponents can do the same. If you are shot during this game, you are eliminated. The major difference in Blackjack and regular Capture the Flag is that each player is limited to 21 paintballs to complete the game. Someone with a semi-automatic doesn’t have much advantage over a single shot pump pistol.


Traitor is a captain elimination game in which two equally divided teams enter the playing area and battle until one team’s captain is eliminated. Before the game starts, each player draws one card. The cards contain only two face cards, a king and a jack. The rest are just random numbered cards. No one shows their card or can mention what they got, with the exception of the king. The player dealt the king is team captain and announces it and must wear a special armband or another identifying mark during the game. The process is repeated for the second team. All players return their cards to the pile without mentioning what they have drawn. The player who drew the jack is the traitor — a secret agent working for the other team. His job is to remain undiscovered and get close to the captain. Once certain conditions in the game are met, such as the elimination of a percentage of the players, the traitor yells, “I’m a traitor!” He can begin playing for the other team immediately.

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Bunny Hunt

Bunny Hunt is a paintball scenario in which a group of players hunt a single (bunny) player. The bunny player gets a five-minute head start into a wooded playing area and is allowed a semi automatic paint gun and a shield such as a trash can lid. The hunters all begin hunting on the sound of a loud whistle from the same point at the same time. Each hunter is limited to 20 paintballs and there is a time limit of 20 minutes until “hunting season” ends. The object is to eliminate the bunny if you are a hunter, and merely to survive if you are the bunny. If the bunny shoots a hunter, he is out. If a hunter runs out of paintballs, he is out. Hits on the bunny’s shield do not count.