Ideas For Scenario Games

Wear masks when playing paintball to avoid injury.

Scenario games are generally used in games of paintball or live-action role-playing games. Setting up a scene or theme of a game adds to the game’s intensity, especially if players are wearing costumes appropriate to the type of game they are playing. Ideas for scenario games include fighting through a zombie world or rescuing a captured princess.

Zombie Land

A paintball field can be turned into post-apocalyptic zombie world with some players acting as zombies and the rest trying to avoid them. Zombie players can be dressed in fake blood, fake skin pieces and ripped clothing if desired to make the game seem all the more real and frightening. Non-zombie players must try to shoot the zombies to “kill” them (get them out). Players that are “bit,” (shot or touched by zombies) are also out of the game. The team with the most players still standing by the end of game time wins.

Castle Conquest

This scenario works for paintball, capture the flag, and live-action role-playing games. Depending on resources, small castle-like forts may be erected (with permission) on a designated playing field or one of the player’s property if he or she owns a few acres. Flags can be placed inside the “castles” for the opposite team to try to recover and therefore take over the castle. Players can use paintball guns or fake swords in this game and players that are hit with such weapons are out of the game.

War Games

Choose from any of the great wars throughout history for paintball or live-action role-playing games. Players may dress up in costumes reflective of the chosen war period, such as the 100 Years War, Revolutionary War, Civil War and World War I and II, though costumes are not necessarily to play the game as long as each player knows what side he is playing for. Using paint the color of a war’s uniforms is also an option, such as gray and blue for a Civil War scenario game.

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Save the Princess

Go the “damsel in distress route” by playing scenario games that involve saving a princess, though teams consisting largely of female players can opt for a “save the prince” scenario. Those portraying princesses can mimic princess costumes from film, books and video games, such as Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Other players can dress up as princes and soldiers or even other video game characters, such as Mario, Luigi and Toad from the aforementioned video game. The object of such games is to rescue the princess from a designated area without feeling the sting of the paintball.