Identify A Paint Ball Gun By The Symbol

Identify a Paint Ball Gun by the Symbol

Identifying your paintball gun will be helpful when in need of new accessories and paintballs. Without knowing the brand of your gun, it is possible to purchase the incorrect size of paintball. Knowing the brand of your gun is also useful when seeking equipment such as a carrying case or holder.


1. Identify the specific color to the brand. Both the Eclipse and Dye matrix brands utilize the colors blue and silver. The Pronto and Tippman, however, are marked in red, white and black. Notice even the slightest bit of color, as in the Airow Gun brand, which places a pink splatter of paint between the words of the brand name.

2. Recognize a specific character or detail. Details, such as the tilted target design of the Smart Parts brand, will help differentiate one gun from another. Notice the dripping paint feature that is vaguely visible beneath the E from the Eclipse emblem. See how the Pronto marking is slanted in a downward fashion, whereas the Kingman symbol is written in an upward diagonal.

3. View the overall size of the emblem in comparison to the gun. Some paintball guns, such as in the Mini brand, have logos that require a large space. The Mini brand logo takes up 50 percent of the handle. The U.S. Army brand, however, sits in the belly of the gun and uses a space no larger than the size of the trigger hole.

4. Review the marking for specific letters. Several of the most well-known brands on the market clearly state their names within the symbol, such as Tippmann, Proto and Kingmen. In brands J.T. Guns and B.T. Paintball the logo simply states J.T. and B.T. respectively. The Dye Matrix brand simply places Dye across the center of its emblem. Eclipse is one of the very few widely known brands that only has one letter on the marking.