Import Airsoft To Canada

Airsoft weapons are extremely difficult to get past Canadian customs.

It is extremely difficult to import airsoft guns into Canada as an individual. Airsoft retailers must purchase Business Firearms Licenses in order to import their merchandise. The cost and red tape involved in acquiring a business license puts it out of reach for most Canadians. Airsoft guns are legally considered replica firearms in Canada under the Canada Firearms Act. Replica firearms are considered “prohibited devices” under the Act and cannot officially be imported into Canada by individuals. However, this policy is not universally enforced where airsoft guns are concerned. You may be able to import your airsoft gun into Canada with the right license and a little luck.


1. Apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) from the RCMP. The form you need to send in is linked in the Resource section. You must be 18 or older and complete the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course to qualify for a PAL.

2. Pick up your airsoft gun outside of Canada and bring it back across the border with you when you return.

3. Declare the airsoft gun when going through Canadian customs. Be sure to have your PAL license available. Precisely describe the airsoft gun on your declaration form, explaining its use in airsoft sporting events and details. Be very polite; if the customs agent doesn’t like you, he is less likely to let you keep your airsoft gun.

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