Import Body Armour Into Canada

Importing items into Canada requires the business that’s having the shipment sent to them to get a variety of paperwork together, to pay any necessary taxes and tariffs, and to have shipments inspected. If the business is importing body armour then it’s important that all laws for the types of body armour being brought into the country are followed and that all of the necessary forms are in order.


1. Put together your final accounting package. This is all of the necessary copies of the documents listed in the “Things You’ll Need” section. Make sure that all of these documents are properly gathered before you proceed.

2. Submit your documentation to the Canadian Border Services Agency. This agency is responsible for checking shipments and for authorizing imports into the country. Once your documentation has been submitted, the agency will calculate what taxes or tariffs you will owe on your shipment of body armour.

3. Pay all of the necessary fees that you owe the government. Once the fees have been received and your import paperwork evaluated, the shipment of body armour will be released into your custody.

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