Improve An Mr2 Spyder Paintball Gun

An improved paintball gun will keep you in the game longer.

MR2 Spyder paintball guns are versatile and very easy to upgrade. While the out-of-the-box performance of this gun is adequate, you can greatly improve it with several key components. These upgrades are quite simple and can be performed in your house without expensive tools. Once these upgrades are complete, your gun will shoot faster and more accurately.


1. Replace your CO2 tank with a compressed air tank. Compressed air tanks are a more consistent and efficient source of air. A more consistent source of air will yield greater accuracy. Simply screw the compressed air tank into the air source adapter where the CO2 would screw in.

2. Remove the stock barrel from the paintball gun and replace with an aftermarket barrel. Aftermarket barrels come in varying lengths and are ported. These barrels can increase the distance of each paintball fired and improve its accuracy. Porting allows each shot to be quieter since it releases gas before the paintball reaches the end of the barrel.

3. Insert an electric hopper on the feed neck of the MR2 Spyder paintball gun. The feed neck is on the top of the gun and is how the paintballs feed into the gun. Electric hoppers agitate the balls, which will increase the feed rate of paintballs.

4. Unscrew the stock grip from the trigger frame. It is held in place by two screws that can be removed with the tools from the MR2 Spyder paintball gun toolkit. Once the grip is removed, replace with a softer aftermarket grip and replace the two screws. Aftermarket grips are more comfortable to hold than the stiff stock ones.

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