Increase Muzzle Velocity Of A 177 Pellet Rifle

Pellet rifle projectiles come in a variety of weights and configurations.

Increasing the muzzle velocity of a .177 pellet rifle increases the terminal energy, improving the rifle’s ability to quickly and humanely kill an animal. The increased velocity will also reduce the ballistic arc, increasing the point blank range and thereby help improve accuracy. Caliber .177 conventional pellets range in weight from 7.5-to-9.6 grains. Lighter, PBA rifle performance pellets weigh 5.4 grains and can increase pellet velocity by 25 percent.


1. Shoot a 10 round series using conventional .177 caliber pellets at the paper bulls-eye target. This shot group will be used for comparison to confirm that the pellet muzzle velocity has increased.

2. Replace the conventional .177 caliber pellets with PBA rifle performance pellets and shoot a 10 round series. An increase in pellet velocity will raise the shot group on the bull’s-eye target.

3. Replace the bulls-eye target with a soaked stack of wet newspapers. Place the wet newspapers so that you can fire into the stack as you would any target.

4. Fire several conventional .177 caliber pellets into the wet newspapers, followed by several PBA rifle performance pellets. After firing the pellets, carefully peel back the wet newspapers and measure the depth of penetration. The faster pellets will penetrate deeper and help confirm an increase in muzzle velocity.

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