Increase The Rapid Fire On Turbo Fire 2

Add rapid fire functions to your Xbox 360 with a Turbo Fire 2 controller and a PC.

The Turbo Fire 2 is an Xbox 360 controller with programmable keys that allow you greater control in games. This includes a rapid fire mode that allows for multiple button impulses passed on from controller to system with each button press. However, there’s more to rapid fire than multiple shots. With the PC based customizer application, you can set the speed of the rapid fire mode as well, giving you precise control of the level of increase in firepower with the press of a few buttons.


1. Press the small battery compartment button located on the rear of your TurboFire controller, and then slide the compartment from the controller. Place the end of the USB cable into the USB connector revealed by removing the cover. Then plug the other end of the cable into your computer. Wait for Windows to discover the new device and install a driver.

2. Download the WildFire 2 customizer file from the Codejunkie’s website, and install the application to your Windows operating system by double clicking the installation program and following the program instructions. The WildFire 2 customizer runs the TurboFire 2 360 controller as well.

3. Start the customizer application and then select the “feature button 1” or “feature button 2” tab from the main menu. Choose the tab for the button that you wish to assign the turbo fire mode.

4. Highlight “turbo on/off” in the functions menu on the tab, then press the “assign settings” button to turn on the turbo feature for that button.

5. Remove the USB cable from the rear of the controller an replace the battery compartment.

6. Press the feature button you assigned turbo mode to and hold it down. Move the right analog stick on the front of the controller, the one with the knob on top, upward to increase the turbo fire speed, or downward to decrease the speed. A flashing light on the handle of the controller will increase or decrease the speed of its flashing according to the speed of the rapid fire mode.

7. Use the controller with your Xbox 360 as normal, utilizing the rapid fire as needed.