Increase The Velocity Of A Paintball Gun

Increase paintball velocity up to 300 feet per second at most

Increase the velocity in your paintball gun to speed up each paintball as you fire it. This process is known as calibrating or chrono-ing the paintball gun. Each player should calibrate his or her gun to approximately the same velocity to keep the playing field fair. According to, paintball players should maintain a paintball speed of 300 feet per second or less. Exceeding this limit could result in injury, especially when shooting within close range. Always aim the paintball gun in a safe direction while increasing the velocity to prevent accidents.


1. Aim the radar chronograph toward a safe location–away from people, animals and buildings.

2. Fill the paintball hopper with at least 15 paintballs.

3. Shoot three paintballs through the radar chronograph and read the gun’s current speed.

4. Increase the paintball gun velocity using the hex key. Insert the hex key into the carbon dioxide adjustment chamber (a small hole usually found on the left side of the gun above the trigger) and turn it counter-clockwise one full turn.

5. Shoot three more rounds through the radar chronograph. If the velocity is at the desired speed, you’re finished adjusting. If not, re-insert the hex key into the chamber and turn counter-clockwise by half turns until you reach the desired velocity, testing through the chronograph after each turn.

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