Indoor Inflatable Games

Church outreach programs, school celebrations, fund-raisers, charity organizations and corporations organizing employee appreciation picnics commonly use inflatable games to attract participants. Even though these games are quite large, they easily adapt to indoor environments. State departments may require inflatable game companies to carry liability insurance for their participants. When hosting an event open to the public, state-certified inspectors — employed by the company or the state — review each game for compliance with state regulations.

Games for Kids

Moonbounces or bounce houses are commonly rented for birthday parties and youth events. Each bounce is an open space for jumping with four mesh “walls,” measuring approximately 14 feet by 14 feet. Participants are often grouped by size and age to avoid accidental injury from colliding as they bounce. Combination units offer a bouncing area, a few vertical obstacles and a slide exit. Inflatable slides are available for rental as single units and can rise as high as 30 feet. Adventure pieces are larger than standard bounces and include various inflatable playthings. Adventure pieces fit in gymnasiums or community rooms and commonly measure 30 feet by 30 feet.

Competition Games

Volleyball, dodgeball and soccer are available as inflatable games requiring small teams to compete. Participants often have a time limit so others can also play. The inflatable portion of each game modifies the traditional version to challenge players and provide a bouncy element.

Two players can compete by being strapped to bungees cords and attempting to reach a goal while being pulled in the opposite direction. Inflatable jousting and bouncy boxing rings allow players to compete using soft jousting poles or boxing gloves and headgear. Water tag is an inflatable maze outline or enclosed dome maze. Participants use squirt guns that activate vests worn by other players. Not much water is dispensed, so there’s no need to worry about damage during indoor use. In human foosball, participants strap themselves into belts attached to the inflatable arena, enabling them to move side-to-side rather than front-to-back. Teams compete to score by hitting a ball into the opposite goal.

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Sports Games

Interactive inflatable sports are used at various events, allowing players to show their skills. Mechanical bulls surrounded by inflatable enclosures, versions of Twister, football and basketball, as well as baseball speed pitches are some common inflatable games for indoor events. Participants in human bowling ride inside a large metal ball and roll toward a set of inflatable pins. A surrounding inflatable lane ensures participants do not roll away.

Obstacle Courses

Inflatable obstacle courses allow participants to test their agility and physical fitness in a race-type game. Units often are inflated and assembled in separate parts, since they tend to be too large and heavy to transport in one piece. Obstacle courses can center around a theme or include various challenges such as rope climbs, inflatable rock walls, slides and tunnels. Whether your party or event has a western, sports, medieval or some other theme, you can find an inflatable course that works for you.


Wearing shoes in inflatable games is prohibited. When announcing your event, instruct participants to wear socks for their safety. When considering inflatable games for your event, ensure 15-amp power supplies are available. Some games require one to four dedicated circuit breakers. Most only need one standard, grounded outlet. Using the units indoors requires weighted sandbags on each corner to keep the game from moving and causing injury. Measure the ceiling height and open space of the event location prior to contracting services. Ensure all items fit without the possibility of damage to the unit. This also avoids injury in case of accidental deflation due to tearing of the unit.

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