Indoor Party Places For Kids

Outdoor venues for kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun; however, they are also highly unpredictable. Various harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, high winds and intense heat, can ruin your party, causing you to cancel it or find a last-minute change of venue. If this is a concern of yours, or if an outdoor party is not feasible in the climate you live in, host your party at an indoor venue instead. Does this Spark an idea?

Bowling Alley

One place to host a kid’s birthday party is at a bowling alley. Many have party rooms that parents can rent and party packages that parents can buy. Party packages will vary from ally to ally, but some things they may include are invitations, decorations, food, drinks, cake, candles, bowling time, shoe rentals, arcade game credits, a gift for the birthday boy, prizes and/or loot bags. Food at a bowling ally is usually kid-friendly, consisting of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, French fries and pizza. Depending on the age of the kids, you may want to request bumper lanes. These are lanes with “bumpers” in the gutters that prevent the ball from falling in.

Roller Skating Arena

Many roller skating arenas can be rented out on off hours to host birthday parties. If you go this route, you can control what music the DJ plays and have him turn on strobe lights and/or other special-effect lighting. Some arenas offer birthday packages. Not to worry; if your skating rink provides nothing for the party, you can order pizza, bring cases of soda and serve cupcakes for dessert. You can also decorate the area where your party guests will congregate and leave the rest of the room bare. The colored lights add a festive feel on their own without the need for additional decorations.

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Laser Tag Venue

Laser tag is similar to paintball; however, unlike paintball, laser tag does not hurt, nor does it leave bruises or welts. Laser tag players must wear a vest-like device that can sense when a laser touches it. They must also carry a laser gun. Players then run around in an arena filled with hideouts and obstacles, trying to shoot other player’s vests without getting shot themselves. The vest is able to count the total number of hits taken and received so players will no how well they did. Many laser tag venues provide full birthday party packages that includes playtime.


Many restaurants offer party packages for children with invitations, decorations, food, cake and loot bags. Some also offer games, prizes and a gift for the birthday girl. Look for a restaurant with an indoor play area, such as McDonald’s, Chuck E. Cheese’s or Dave & Buster’s.