Inexpensive Teen Military Schools

Military schools can help teens develop discipline and structure.

Military schools are a great option to help your teen develop more discipline and structure in life. Though most are quite expensive, you can find schools to fit your criteria within your price range. Most schools charge a yearly tuition, but some offer summer programs as well.

All Boys

The least expensive military school for just boys is Camden Military Academy in Camden, South Carolina. As of 2011, yearly tuition averages $17,595, but a summer program is also offered at this facility. Financial aid is also available up to $3,000. Camden Military Academy offers aid for ADD/ADHD students as well as students with special needs. Class sizes are small, averaging about 12, so that students receive more individualized attention. Boys in grades seven through 12 are permitted to attend the academy.


Co-ed military schools are another option for your teen. Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia, is a low price option for your teen. As of 2011, average boarding tuition is $25,200, while day student tuition is $14,400 per year. Financial aid is granted for up to $6,500 to help students with costs. Average class size is 10 students per class, and ESL and AP classes are offered as part of the curriculum. Boys and girls in grades seven through 12 are accepted.

Large Age Range

The Howe School and Summer Camp in Howe, Indiana offers year-long boarding programs and day programs for students from fifth to 12th grade. This school is co-ed and focuses on a military and Episcopal curriculum. Average yearly tuition for boarders, as of 2011 is $26,800 while day students pay an average of $16,160 per year. Financial aid is available up to $5,000. AP and ESL classes are also offered on this campus.

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Small Age Range

Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri offers the most competitive tuition rate for a school that only allows grades nine through 12. Average yearly tuition, as of 2011, is $27,490 for boarders and $5,500 for day students. Financial aid is available up to $6,000. This school is co-ed and offers AP and ESL courses, as well as a small class size of about 11 students per class. This school offers a variety of extracurricular sports and activities as well, including rock climbing, paintball and Honor Guard.