Inflatable Interactive Games

Bring the amusement park to your backyard with inflatable interactive games.

Inflatable interactive games can be exciting and entertaining, a great addition to any party. Whether you are hosting a house party to reunite family and friends, organizing a carnival at your school or even a block party with your neighbors, inflatable games provide activities and enjoyment for all ages. There are two options in acquiring inflatable interactive games, buying or renting. Make sure you take your budget into account when deciding which option to choose because it can become quite pricey when buying these forms of entertainment. Does this Spark an idea?

Inflatable Slide

In this interactive game, participants will be put their physical strength to the test as the climb to the top of an inflatable slide–some of which can reach a height of 26 feet. The inflatable slides are designed not only for the enjoyment of children, but adults as well. Participants enter this inflatable interactive slide game by securing your hands and feet into footholds on the staircase and climbing to the top. On your back or stomach, party-goers then enjoy sliding down to the bottom.

Big Glove Boxing

Opponents are given enormous boxing gloves and fight each other in a thrilling and playful boxing match. Have your adrenaline pumping as you enter the inflatable big boxing ring and knock down your family and friends. Contestants play in this inflatable interactive game by wearing oversized boxing gloves and foam head gear. This game is hilarious to watch and even more fun to participate in.

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Bungee Run

No longer do you have to jump vertically off a bridge to experience what it is like to bungee jump. In this fun inflatable interactive game, participants are given the opportunity to experience horizontal bungee jumping in the bungee run game. The two contestants wear upper body harnesses, connected to the inflatable bungee run. Racing down their individual lanes, participants attempt to run a far as they can as they place a baton onto the Velcro dividing center. You must do this before the bungee recoils, which springs yourself backwards.

Gladiator Jousting

The inflatable gladiator jousting game is an interactive activity that is based off American Gladiators. The two contestants are given oversized foam jousting poles and protective head gear. The object of this interactive game is for you to remain on top of your pedestal while knocking your opponent off theirs. This game is entertaining to watch as participants swing and knock each other, often falling in all sorts of positions onto the huge inflatable mat.