Information About Indoor Paintball Arenas

Information About Indoor Paintball Arenas

Indoor paintball arenas provide an exciting alternative to playing on typical outdoor fields. Indoor paintball arenas offer year-round play with unique playing environments and other amenities such as air conditioning or showers that outdoor fields might not have.


Warehouses are popular as they are enclosed but have large open floor plans and austere interiors that can easily be hosed clean. Other indoor paintball arenas include agricultural centers (where indoor rodeos or livestock events are also held) or unused office or apartment buildings.


Most indoor paintball arenas use various materials on floors to help control paint splatter from becoming dangerously slippery. Coverings include sawdust, rubber mats, gravel, “kitty litter” and dirt.


Standard safety rules of paintball still apply: Keep your goggles on in play areas, use barrel covers in non-play areas, and never lift your goggles during play. Indoor field rules might restrict velocity to lower than outdoors because of the greater chance of very close-range shots.

Field Layouts

An indoor field may have simple walls and doors set up to mimic a building layout, may be in an actual building with hallways, stairways, and rooms, or could have a traditional paintball field layout. The biggest advantage is that the field is not subject to outside elements such as rain, sun or wind.

What Is Playing Indoor Like?

Often, lighting is darker or harsher than outside, so shadows are also more pronounced. Sounds echo and may seem louder, to the point that you may not be able to tell where the sounds are coming from. The overall experience is intense, sometimes scary, and exciting.