Information For Make Halo 3 Spartan Armor

The Halo universe is a futuristic world at war.

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a fictional character from the video game trilogy “Halo.” He was ranked eighth by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, in their Top 10 Video Game Characters, alongside other famous characters such as Lara Croft and Mario. Based in the Halo universe, Master Chief is a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier, who never removes his armor. Making your own Master Chief armor can be a demanding but rewarding project and you can make it as simple or as intricate as you wish.


1. Download the Pepakura program, which you can find in the Resources section of this article. You will need this to print out the armor.

2. Examine pictures of the armor you are trying to create.

3. Print the armor layout onto the card stock, using the Pepakura program.

4. Cut out all the pieces that you have printed out, carefully using a craft knife. You now have flat pack armor. Fold the parts for assembly then assemble the parts using either glue or staples, though try to avoid using staples where they will be visible on the finished armor.

5. Apply a coat of aqua resin to your assembled armor, both inside and out. Aqua resin is a water based fabricating resin used for casting and molding. Allow this to dry thoroughly. If you wish, you can use a rotary tool to carve detail into the armor.

6. Spray the armor with a coat of primer and allow to dry. Once dry, apply a coat of your color of choice, such as black or very dark green. Take the helmet and cut out the visor to make it functional. You can either leave this area open or you can attach a motorcycle helmet visor for a really authentic look.

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7. Break the fiberglass board into small pieces, about the size of a drink coaster. Glue these pieces onto the inside of the armor to strengthen the materials. Once in place, apply another layer of glue to the top of the fiberglass pieces and apply the foam padding.

8. Cut strips of the elastic strapping to the correct length, and glue onto the inside of the armor pieces, creating loops to slide over arms and legs, holding the armor tightly onto your body–you may find it easier to do this part with a helper–then attach the straps while wearing the armor to ensure a snug fit.

9. Wear your armor over tight fitting, black clothing, such as leggings or long johns.