Information On Paintball Guns

Information on Paintball Guns

Paintball grew from a modest start to become one of the world’s most popular extreme sports. Today, millions of individuals play paintball around the globe. The game is designed around the invention of the paintball gun, or marker.


In 1980, James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing invented and patented the first paintball gun. He used it to mark trees and livestock. In 1981, 12 individuals—led by Bob Gumsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines—played the first paintball game in New Hampshire using paintball pistols. In 1982, Gaines marketed paintball as a game, and Sports Illustrated covered it as a new sport.


The paintball gun fires paintballs at targets. Compressed air forces a bolt inside the gun to move forward at rapid speed, and the force of the bolt’s contact with the paintball propels it down the barrel. The paintball gun is the primary piece of equipment needed for the sport.


The marketplace features two basic kinds of paintball guns. They are categorized according to how they fire and where they are most useful. “Woodsball” guns look like actual firearms. “Speedball” guns focus on the rate of fire. They shoot balls faster and are generally lighter in weight. Speedball guns come in semi-automatic and fully automatic varieties.


Paintball guns are priced in all ranges. Markers can be purchased for as little as $30, but a good paintball gun is considered one priced at more than $150. Some new guns sell for more than $500.


In some communities, paintball guns are banned or restricted. For example, Minneapolis, Minnesota, placed a limit on how guns can be carried in public. As well, it is a felony to possess a paintball gun on a school campus in Minnesota.

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Paintball guns can cause injury. Always wear a protective mask that completely covers the face when engaged in a game of paintball war.