Install A Flatline Barrel On A Tippmann A5

A Flatline Barrel will make your paintballs more accurate.

The Flatline Barrel is a specialized paintball gun barrel made for Tippmann products. Unlike normal barrels, the Flatline imparts backspin on the paintball, which results in a longer and more accurate shot. The installation for this barrel is different than normal barrels because of its shape and design. Prior to installation, always make sure that your Tippmann A-5 contains no paintballs and that you remove the air source. Paintball guns cannot be disassembled when they are loaded.


1. Place the Tippmann A-5 on a flat surface with the left side facing up. Unscrew the barrel adapter and barrel by locating the three screws near the barrel and unscrewing them. These screws are all within an inch of the barrel and are located on the body of the paintball gun.

2. Twist off both the barrel and the barrel adapter. The barrel adapter is the piece that connects the barrel to the paintball gun. The barrel adapter should stay connected to the barrel as it is removed from the gun.

3. Insert the Flatline Barrel into the area where you removed the stock barrel and adapter. The Flatline barrel has a bolt on the end that faces the paintball gun, which must face the right side of the gun as it is being inserted. Once the barrel is fully inserted into the gun, twist the barrel so that the screw faces the top of the Tippmann A-5.

4. Replace the three bolts that were removed previously.