Install A Pm6 Lucky Top Hat

The Proto Matrix M6 paintball marker, also known as the PM6, has a removable bolt that you can modify with different parts. The top hat has an o-ring on both ends of the piece. You can replace the o-rings with a different pair, such as o-rings made by Lucky, to change how the PM6 operates. The Lucky o-rings increase the efficiency of the PM6 marker.


1. Remove the hopper, the air supply and discharge any built-up gas.

2. Unscrew the bolt on the back of the PM6 using a 1/4 inch Allen wrench and pull the bolt out of the marker.

3. Twist the rear cap, which is the longest piece on the outside of the bolt, to unscrew it from the top hat.

4. Unscrew the top hat from the cylinder to remove it from the bolt.

5. Remove the black o-rings from both ends of the top hat using the o-ring remover. You’ll remove a total of two o-rings.

6. Slide the Lucky top hat o-rings onto both ends of the top hat.

7. Screw the top hat onto the cylinder, and then screw the rear cap onto the back of the top hat.

8. Rub a small amount of lubricating grease on the Lucky o-ring between the top hat and cylinder, and on the Lucky o-ring between the top hat and rear cap.

9. Slide the bolt back into the PM6 and tighten the bolt with the 1/4 inch Allen wrench.