Install A Qev For A Smart Parts Ion

A quick-exhaust valve improves the rate of fire for electro-pneumatic paintball markers.

A quick-exhaust valve (QEV) is an aftermarket upgrade for the Smart Parts Ion paintball marker. In electro-pneumatic markers, compressed air propels the paintballs and also drives the bolt back to the rear position and holds it there as the next paintball is fed to the chamber. To release the bolt to move forward, chamber and fire the next paintball, the propellant gas must be exhausted through a pneumatic hose and electronic solenoid. Installation of a QEV provides a faster, more direct exhaust path for the gas. This speeds up bolt-cycling time, resulting in a higher rate of fire.


1. Unload the paintball marker and remove the compressed-air tank.

2. Point the marker in a safe direction and pull the trigger several times to release any residual pressure.

3. Remove the two screws in the pistol-grip frame and the flatcap screw above them in the body of the marker. Separate the pistol-grip halves.

4. Locate the banjo bolt fitting on the shorter of the two hoses that are attached to the solenoid valve. Remove the hose. Trim 1/4-inch off the end of the hose with the pocketknife. Unscrew and remove the banjo bolt fitting from the body.

5. Screw the QEV into the body in place of the removed banjo bolt fitting. Attach the hose to the barbed intake of the QEV.

6. Reassemble the marker.

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