Install A Spring Airsoft Upgrade

A spring fired airsoft-brand gun fires foam pellets to use in “Capture-the-flag” and other “war” games. Modify the firing assembly by installing a spring to not only enhance the sound of the airsoft-brand gun when fired, but also increase the distance that the pellet being shot will travel. All that is required is an item from a hardware store and a tool most households have already.


1. Pull the magazine clip out of the butt of the handle. Place the magazine clip aside. Pull the sliding handle assembly on top of the airsoft-brand gun toward the hammer. Confirm that there is no pellet in the firing chamber before proceeding. Release the sliding handle assembly so that it returns to its normal position.

2. Release the locking latch at the top of the airsoft-brand gun–the latch is on the right side just above and to the left of the trigger guard. Pull the hammer back until it locks in place.

3. Pull the sliding handle assembly on the top of the gun towards the barrel and off the gun.

4. Remove the spring assembly from out of the top of the sliding handle assembly. Place the spring assembly on a table with the extruding rod facing to the left.

5. Hold the pliers in one hand. Clamp the jaws of a pliers around the end of the spring just to the right of the nub on the spring assembly rod. Pull the spring toward the right to compress it while holding the spring assembly down with your other hand. Release the spring after 30 seconds have passed.

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6. Place the spring purchased at the hardware store onto the left end of the spring assembly’s rod. Clamp the jaws of the pliers around the right end of the spring. Pull the spring toward the right to lodge it onto the nub on the spring assembly rod.

7. Place the spring assembly back into the sliding handle assembly. Slide the sliding handle assembly onto the airsoft-brand gun from the barrel end to the right until it can go no farther.

8. Press the trigger to release the hammer. Release the locking latch to return the sliding handle assembly to its correct position on the top of the airsoft-brand gun. Insert the magazine cartridge back into the butt of the airsoft-brand gun’s handle.