Install An Expansion Chamber On A Spyder Sonix

An Expansion Chamber on a Paintball Gun

Installing an expansion chamber on your Spyder Sonix is a quick and easy upgrade. Every time a paintball marker fires, a small amount of liquid CO2 is drawn into the marker. An expansion chamber eliminates this problem by allowing the liquid CO2 to turn into a gas. The result is a smoother shooting and more accurate paintball gun.


Installing the Expansion Chamber

1. Remove the stock foregrip from the Spyder Sonix. This can be accomplished by simply unscrewing both the foregrip from the body of the gun and the air source adapter from the trigger frame.

2. Screw the expansion chamber into the location where the foregrip was. Tighten the expansion chamber gently; forcing it will cause air leaks.

3. Screw the air source adapter connected to the expansion chamber to the bottom of the trigger frame. Make sure the air input is facing the back of the gun.

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