Install An Invert Mini With Oled Board Shooting

Add an LED display to your Invert Mini paintball marker.

The Invert Mini is a popular 2-pound paintball marker, or gun. Due to its popularity, manufacturers design logic boards that improve the stock marker with enhanced features. This includes the Virtue OLED Board, which sports a display that provides the user constant updates about the state of the marker, including a shot counter and error codes. Installing the OLED Board is a two-step process: removing the stock logic board and then fitting the new board, LED screen and battery compartment door.


1. Determine the hex wrench in your set that fits the screws on the body of the paintball marker.

2. Locate the screws on the rear of the marker handle, just in front of the trigger. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws and detach the handle from the marker body.

3. Use the hex wrench to remove the screws on the back and underside of the handle. Lift the lid of the battery compartment and remove the battery. Next, carefully push the circuit board flat in the casing and slide it out of the compartment.

4. Slide the OLED board into the compartment, battery attachment end first. Secure the board in the compartment with the original screw. Next, attach the white pin harness to the LED screen.

5. Insert a 9-volt battery to the terminal and wrap the excess wire around the terminal cap. Place the battery into the compartment, then put the LED flat against the side of the battery.

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6. Place the battery compartment door on. Arrange the clear panel and LED so the readout is visible through the window. Secure the battery compartment door by replacing the bottom screw. Reattach the handle to the marker body.