Install An Ion Drop Forward

Drop forwards make paintball guns easier to handle.

A drop forward is a small device made to give a paintball gun easier handling and firing. The drop forward cradles the air bladder, typically on the top of the gun, so that the center of gravity shifts on the gun and lowers the air bladder for better viewing for sighting. There are different forms of drop forwards. Ion Paintball Guns are made by SmartParts, and the drop forward made for the guns is a simple device that requires a single tool for installation.


1. Disconnect the air hose leading to the air tank on the top of the Ion gun. Bleed the excess air from the tank and pull off the top of the gun.

2. Unscrew the CO2 cap on the Ion top using a small screwdriver.

3. Slide the drop-down sleeve over the CO2 screw hole and screw into position. Place the air tank over the drop down.

4. Push the air tank forward, setting the angle to your liking. Tighten further on the CO2 screw.

5. Pump the air tank, load the gun and play paintball.

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