Install An Rf Transmitter In An Invert Mini

A paintball gun

An RF Transmitter can greatly improve the performance of your Invert Mini by allowing you to synchronize your paintball gun with your paintball hopper. Every time you pull the trigger on your paintball gun, the RF Transmitter sends a signal to the paintball hopper prompting ball agitation. This modification will greatly reduce the amount of balls that your paintball gun breaks. Although this installation does require some technical knowledge of the Invert Mini and Empire RF Transmitter, it can be completed in a timely manner.


1. Wrap the RF Transmitter in electrical tape, making sure to leave the LED lights uncovered.

2. Remove the foregrip of the Invert Mini. This can be accomplished by loosening two screws and sliding the foregrip away from the marker, making sure not to force anything.

3. Remove the two screws that are located on the left side of the gun by the grip. Pull the grips out of the way and remove two more screws that attach the trigger frame to the body of the gun. Pull the trigger frame away from the gun body.

4. Disconnect the solenoid and attach the harness that is included with the RF Transmitter to the Invert Mini‘s solenoid plug, which is located on the sensor board. Plug the other end of the harness into the solenoid.

5. Reattach the frame to the body of the Invert Mini. Be careful to not pinch the white harness that was just installed.

6. Connect the plugs of the RF Transmitter and the white harness.

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7. Reassemble the rest of the Invert Mini by placing the foregrip on the body of the gun and reattaching the screws. Also replace the grip to the normal position and tighten those two screws.

8. Synchronize your Invert Mini’s new RF Transmitter with the paintball hopper. The hopper’s manufacturer includes detailed instructions.