Install Bt4

BT4 is used to secure networks against hacking.

BT4 is the 4th version of BackTrack Linux, a Linux distribution designed to provide all of the penetration testing and network security tools available in the Linux ecosystem in one distribution. Originally BT was designed to be run from a CD or thumbdrive, so users could work on problem computers without needing to carry their computers. However, the distribution is a fully functional version of Linux and can be installed on a computer hard drive.


Install BT4

1. Reboot the computer with the BT4 installation CD in the CD drive.

2. Type “startx” at the console to enter the graphical user interface (or “GUI”).

3. Double click the icon labeled “” on the desktop. Choose your geographical region and then click “Forward.”

4. Select your keyboard, then click “Forward.” Press “Forward” one more time, then press “Install.” When the computer reboots you will have BT4 installed.

5. Log in to the new install with the username “root” and password “toor.”

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