Install Co2 In A Paintball Gun

A paintball gun has a detachable CO2 tank that powers the gun.

Paintball is a sport combining strategy, physical agility, a good eye and the chance to splatter paint all over your friends. Paintball guns are powered by detachable and refillable tanks of CO2, usually attached to the gun’s grip by screwing them into place. These CO2 tanks can be removed and refilled at sporting goods stores or other places specializing in paintball equipment.


1. Inspect the charged CO2 tank and make sure the o-ring gasket on top of the tank nozzle is attached and undamaged. Condition the ring with a non-petroleum based ring conditioner if it is dry or replace this seal if it is worn, cracked or damaged.

2. Place the threaded nozzle end of the tank into the threaded CO2 port on the gun’s grip. Make sure the tank and the gun threads line up with each other correctly. Grip the tank firmly and screw the tank into place in a clockwise direction, taking care not to force the threads. Start screwing slowly until you can hear pressure leaking from the tank and then screw it in faster, tightening it completely until the pressure leak stops. Unscrew the tank and start over if the tank does not screw in easily.

3. Fire the gun to make sure it is pressurized and ready to use.