Install Onepiece Colt Grips

Colt one-piece grips are made for the old single-action Army models. Changing the grips can offer a better-looking grip than the standard grips. It can also impact accuracy as the feel of the grips is more natural.


1. Remove the current grip on your pistol. Most will have a screw that holds the original grips in place. If your pistol has a roll pin in the frame of the grip, it may need to be removed with a drill or a punch, depending on the grip that you have chosen to replace it with.

2. Line up both sides of the new one-piece grip. Make sure that all sides are flush to the pistol frame. If they are not flush use the sandpaper to sand down those areas. Make sure the new grip does not come in contact with any of the internal workings in the pistol’s grip frame.

3. Put a coat of lubricant–petroleum jelly will work–that will stay in place on the metal surfaces of the back strap to protect it. Place one side of the grip in place. Add some epoxy. Mate the other side of the grip to the one already in place. Use string to tie the grip together.

4. Read the instructions on the epoxy to see how long it takes it to dry. When it is dry, remove the grip, clean off the lubricant and put the grip back on.